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"Baby Doll, my best friend is coming to visit from California. Please dress to impress and spend some time to get to know him."
It's so much fun teasing you after I tell you if you make a sound, I will put your ball gag in.
After he clicked the last cuff snugly on her wrist, he stepped back to admire just how beautiful she looked, all helpless like that.
She looked pretty innocent when I opened my front door to the knock. When her hands were tied behind her back, I figured out it was not my who planned on seducing her....
"The best thing about the bench, is you can't prevent yourself from cumming." I told her. Her breathing was hard and I could see her nipples poking against her blouse before she said she had to get home.
The next day, she said she wanted to talk to me...
As soon as her top came undone, I realized this was her plan all along.
The door closes, and you already miss him.

The faint pain between your legs from last night seems just a little bit emptier. You smile at the memory of getting the pain, of being so full. You try not to cry. You pick up his shirt - it smells of him. You close your eyes and remember his hands pulling you close, resting your head against his chest. His scent takes you right back to the moment. You use his shirt to dry your tear. 

 He will be back tonight.

You try not to look at the clock.It only makes it worse.​

If you watch carefully, she doesn't grab the hand around her neck - she holds on for the ride.
Shyla Jennings is one of my favorites.
Sweet and innocent on the outside...
I'm going to have to take a few extra hours to finish the floor today. I'm stripping it.
Such an intriguing picture. 

She obviously getting ready to go out and has already decided she's going home with him. Note her garter under her panties so it's easy to remove them without undoing everything. But getting ready at the open window where anyone could see her? Perhaps she is hoping her date is on time and will get a little preview. Maybe she is putting on a little show for the young man mowing the lawn for her? 

Poor guy - he could pass out from lack of blood to the brain.

Like a moth to a flame, your innocent young neighbor shyly asked if you knew anything about bondage. You told her you would be happy to demonstrate if she changed for you. At first, she refused. You told her about some of the pleasures - a little of the pain. You watched her breathing became rapid and shallow. Finally, she asked where the little nighty was that you wanted her to wear...
I'm getting closer.Can you feel my hand, my fingers dragging their way slowly up your stockings? You know where It's going, don't you? Are you just getting it ready for me, or are you trying to cum before I get there? Let me slow down and see...
I'm finding a lot of repost worthy photos tonight.

Maybe it's just because I'm horny.  ;-)

Sneaking home early from school, he pressured her to give in.  She made him a bet, if he could last 15 minutes, he could have her.  It was only 5 minutes into their bet and things were not looking good for him.
Just a peek out of the corner of her eye...Yes, he is jacking off.  Nancy putters around the rusty stairs a little more, making sure he's getting a good view of her body built for sin, innocently hidden by her white eyelet nighty.
Sweet and innocent, isn't she?...but as you take a closer look, the high cuts over her hips could easily let one's hand slide in under the soft material, down to her treasures without even messing up her covering.  Perhaps she's not so innocent after all.
She felt so wicked, dressed like this, waiting to meet him.  She was sure everyone could see the tops of her thigh highs and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bar or panties under her dress.

And tell that she was very, very wet.

She pulled down the top to her lingerie - like he instructed.

She put in the ball gag - like he told her.

With nervous fingers, she took the selfie and sent it to him - just like she was told.

What a good sub.

The girl with the freckles is just stunning, but how she submits is breathtaking.  Imagine your sub responding to a look, a raise eyebrow, or a finger - knowing she is dying to blow your mind, trying to prove how worthy she is...
Imagining his excitement in seeing her in her girly garter belt and hose excites her.  So much that she watches her hand trace lightly down to her pussy, imagining it is his fingers feeling her wetness, spreading it up to her clit to make it all slippery.  She watches herself in the mirror as her nipples harden, her breath became fast and shallow, and her fingers blur as she plans her reaction to his seeing her outfit.  She watches as her face, then neck, then her chest flushes as her excitement mounts.  She knows she won't struggle, tonight, she will let his fingers travel up under her dress.  Tonight, he will get to touch what he has been trying to get to.  She cums, shaking and moaning - slowly sliding down to the cold tile floor to let her shaky legs recover, to let her heart slow.  

Tonight, she gives in.

Tonight, she is going to be late.

Going out on a dinner date.You are all dolled up with makeup, beautiful hair, and a short, slinky black dress.I smile as you come down the stairs.  

I told you our reservations were at 7 - figuring you would be late.

It’s 7:10 already.

As you come close to the wooden chair I’m sitting in - I stay seated.

You stop about 4 feet away, expecting me to get up and give you a hug and kiss.

I make a little circling motion with my finger on the palm of my hand.

You blush, and slowly twirl in place - trying hard not to snag your heels on the carpet.Finishing the circle, you ask, “Do you like it?”

I look at your expectant face,down to your cleavage, down to the hem of your short skirt.“Show me.”

“WHAT?” you exclaim - shocked at my demand.

I raise my eyes back to your face and stare for a few seconds - then drop my eyes back to the flare of your skirt.“Show me!”

You swallow, shocked at what I’m asking.  The look in my eyes as I held your gaze - unblinking, not smiling like it was a joke.I was serious, and expect you to obey.  And I’m waiting.

With a hard swallow and a bright blush, you reach down to your hemline - closing your eyes, you slowly pull your dress up - exposing your thigh highs - then your panties to my view.  You quickly think of dropping your skirt quickly - but reconsider after thinking of the look in my eyes.

“Come here.” is all I say.

You take a step closer, and I reach out, gently holding your hips to stop you at arms length.  

The situation is making your panties wet.

I reach behind one knee, and start pulling your leg towards me.  

You can’t figure out what I’m doing, and your heart is pounding.You reach out to the shoulders of my sports coat to keep your balance as I lift your knee higher.

I gently reach out with my other hand, and pull your shiny black high heels with the bright red soles towards my crotch.  

You watch in fascination as I slide the toes of your shoe under my crotch.  You can feel my warmth through the leather of your “Fuck-me” pumps.The hand that just snugged your shoe against my cock slowly starts tracing up your calf.  Feeling the smooth, freshly shaved skin underneath your best nylons.  Slowly past your knee, the other hand starts traveling up with the first - slowly sliding towards your very wet panties.  You swallow, thinking of telling me to stop.  Thankfully knowing I will not….not until I get to what I want.  

With one leg on the seat like this, you know I can see your panties.  You never expected me to rush this fast - to demand to see you - and very, very soon - to touch you.  Your heart is racing, your breath coming in fast pants as my fingers inch closer and closer to your treasures.  You close your eyes, thinking about my fingers pushing aside your last barrier to slip inside of you, anticipating the touch of my warm fingers.  You moan as my fingers leave the top of your thigh high - inching closer to your center.

“Your garter came undone Babe.” I say as I reach for the loose strap and start hooking your nylon to the strap.

“There!  All fixed!  Ready for dinner?” I say, putting your foot down, and rising from my chair.

“We should go - and by the way - I love your panties.  I’m going to be thinking of them all through dinner.”

Words: 1hooster1

Beautiful picture: unknown

After some sassy reply, I told the little girl next door she had better watch her mouth, or she would deserve a spanking.

The next morning, she came over.

The girl next door knocked on my door, dressed like a fantasy.  After a little small talk, she confessed she had found some of my stories on line, and was curious about the D/s scenes I described.  I asked her what she was so curious about.  She asked why the thought of being tied up like I described in "Breathless" made her so hot?

"Wait here a second." I told her.  Returning with a coil of soft white cotton rope I suggested, "Why don't I show you?"

My next door neighbor told me his daughter was back from college, and was wondering if she could look through some of my psychology books in my library.  I told him it would be fine - that she could come over anytime.

When I came back from the store - I heard something from the other room.

Little Nancy from next door was looking at my books.

"I'm sorry, I should have waited, but Daddy told me you said I could come over anytime." 

She walked over to my couch and pulled up her short skirt exposing a pair of bright yellow panties.

"You can spank me for being a bad girl if you want."

There was just something about the new intern -and she seemed to feel the same chemistry from you.  You asked her to help you work on a special project Saturday morning, and she showed up dressed like - well - like a horny man’s wildest dream.  It didn’t take long before she was laid back on the table.  God he loved how she shook as he pounded deep inside her…Neither was going to be able to last long.